My uncle booked me a London escort because he was very happy I graduated college



I had always loved reading books. I think that I am addicted to reading. I read all the time at work or at home. I cannot live without books. Books are what I am interested in. no one in my family is fond of reading. I got it from my grandfather who is always a fan of all the classic novels. The types of books I want to read through is not novels, most of what I read is sci-fi and fantasy. Most of the people I know call me a nerd because I always talk to them about harry potter and the lord of the rings. I admit it I am a nerd and I am not ashamed of it. I do not think that people understand me at all because they judge me all the time. I notice that many people I encounter do not have the same interest as me. It is a very few numbers of people that I think is like me that I know of. Being a nerd is not fun sometimes because I do not have any girlfriends since birth. Girls typically do not like me because I always act weird when they are around. I am not like most other guys that are confident and very athletic. Girls are not attracted to people like me. All I do is study and read books all of the time. I still have not gone to a party yet because I did not know any people that are cool in class.


Even though I am not handsome or athletic, I still believe that I have a bright future ahead of me. I might be a nerd now, but someday I am going to be somebody. All i can think of is the future. I want to go to an excellent college and finish my degree that way I will be able to start chasing my dreams. I am not interested in having a relationship yet because I do not want to get distracted from my goals. All the other kids at my school have a beautiful, and I admit it I am jealous of them sometimes because they look pleased all the time. I have to challenge myself to continue to focus on my dreams and hope that everything is going to be alright. After I graduated from college, I was pleased with myself. I felt like this is the time to turn my life around. My uncle was very kind to me because he booked me a London escort. Booking me a London escort was my uncles gift to me. Giving me precious time with London escorts was my uncle’s way of showing his appreciation.

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