My first love is a London Escorts

All of us is waiting for the love of our life and hoping it comes at the right time and the right moment. I have never thought that in my entire life I could ever love someone like this. Many people said that when love hits you, it’s the most amazing feeling and it’s like you were in paradise. I have seen many couples who looks so sweet and perfect. You know that feeling when all you need is someone who could be real and be there for you forever.


Sometimes, I question myself if there is love why my parents broke up? Why other families are complete? Does love exists or it’s just made up? I keep asking that because of it pains me to remember how my parents end up when all you ever wanted is a family that guides and supports you. The feeling that you go to school all by yourself and even not fetched by your parents. And during school activities like family day, I am always that only child who sit behind and watched other children bonds their families. When all you need is love, and no one could ever give you that. My classmates always bully me because I don’t have a complete family. It hurts me that even I defended a thousand times, the fact is still I don’t have an entire family. Our life became tedious, and the home is full of sadness. Every time I arrived, I have seen my mom crying all over again. She doesn’t talk to anyone and lock herself in the room. I always feel sad and lonely. But one girl saw that sadness in my eyes; I was sitting all alone at the canteen, and suddenly she came towards me and offered me food. She smiles, and I smile back. She introduced herself, and after that, we became a friend. She is a beautiful girl. She never left at my side and always there to hear my problems. But one day, she needs to transfer school and move to London with her family. I promise myself that I would find her because she is my first love. Years passed, I finished studies and get a job at London. London is a part of London and one of the beautiful places. I fly to London and get the job there. I keep searching on her, but still, I have no idea where she is since we don’t have communication after elementary. I work so hard and still waiting for the day we will meet again.

I hired a London Escort from because of our company’s event and to my surprise, it’s the same beautiful and lovely girl I know. I would not forget the girl because she is my first love.

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