London seems to be packed with single young men at the moment.

Here at Archway escorts we have in recent months started to date more young guys. For some reason many senior gents seem to have moved away from the area, and been replaced by young single gents. Does it make a difference to dating style? It certainly does and I am not so sure that I like it. The same thing goes for the other girls here at Archway escorts.

Dating senior gents at Archway escorts was often much more rewarding. First of all many of them were never in a rush. I just to like that most of the senior gents that I dated at Archway escorts planned in their dates. The same thing cannot be said for younger gents. They often want a date right now and you are expected to turn up at their place within half an hour. That does not really work, and I found that hard to cope with at times.

Younger gents also have a different attitude when it comes to dating. They want everything to happen in a real hurry, and before you know it you are out the door with hardly a thank you. That is okay for some of the girls here at Archway escorts, but for many of the other girls at the agency, it does not feel right. I am one of those girls who thinks that it does not feel right dating in a hurry. It is not like you get a chance to for a relationship with a date or just a sexy companionship

Lots of the senior gents that I used to date at Archway escorts had more time for you and wanted to get to know you. When you date the same person a lot, it makes a big difference. They are comfortable in your company and you are comfortable in theirs. I think it is the best way to date and I must admit that I miss that. Not all of the senior gents have left the agency, but many seem to have done so. Perhaps it is because we got a lot of younger escorts these days.

It would have been nice to stay in touch with some of the more senior guys from Archway escorts. I have a list of numbers and names in my dating diary, but I don’t want to call them in case I do something wrong. You can easily upset somebody. On top of that, the agency does not like us doing that. They are always worried that we are going to steal dates and become independent. I have thought about doing that but it can be hard work. It would be nice to have more of a mixture of between the old and new so to speak, but I am not sure that it is ever going to work out. Most agencies seem to attract a certain type of date, and at the moment I think that we are going through our “younger” period here at Archway escort services.

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