Black mambas is probably one of London’s premier agencies for black escorts.

They are located in Kingston and service the area of Richmond Upton Thames as well on an outcall basis. The agency is run by a Madame called Victoria. She has plenty of experience of running escorts agencies on both sides of the Atlantic and is very dedicated to her vocation. My girls are hot, says Victoria, and I only recruit really hot ladies to work here at Black mambas at My girls are so hot that they hiss, and that is why I decided to call the agency Black mambas just like the snake. Of course, black mamba snakes only live in Africa so the association is obvious.

The criteria to work as a black escort with my agency is that you need to have certain “measurements”, laughs Victoria. First of all you need to have big boobies. All black escorts at the agency have big boobies. Height is not that important but you need to have a pair of nice hips. As we say in the Caribbean, hips don’t lie and I know all gents, no matter what color, like a pair of good hips, giggles Victoria behind her hand.

Speaking off hands, this is another thing that Victoria has a thing about. She loves to have black escorts who have generous hands. A lot of gents come to us for a massage, she says, so it is really important that my girls know how to rub a gent. We call it rubbing in Jamaica, and if you are looking for a genuine Caribbean style massage, I promise you that Black mambas is the best place to come to. We love to make sure that all of our gents go away, nicely relaxed and fully massaged, says Victoria with a big smile.

I also make sure that my black escorts are nicely dressed. For some reason, the dress code of escorts seem to have gone a bit down hill and I don’t agree with that at all. Having my girls nicely turned out is really important to me. The fact is, a gent who would like to take a Black mamba out for dinner, would like to take out a lady who is smartly turned out and looks the part. When I worked in New York, I used to tell the girls off from wearing jeans on a date. What is that all about?

Black mambas has become my life, and I think that I have been able to achieve my goal. This is now the premier agency for black escorts, says Victoria. All of the girls who work here are sexy and I know that they all meet my very strict criteria. There is no way I would entertain having girls work for me who do not know how to please gents. We are pleasure seekers and so are all our gents. It is crucial to appreciate that escorting is a vocation, not just another job, says Madame Victoria smiling softly.

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