Sex With An Amazing Street Escort

Sex is a beautiful thing and in addition to procreation, it’s also done for enjoyment. There was once a college boy who saw life from a different angle as soon as he joined college. He avoided interacting with other people, especially ladies. He was painfully shy, but desperately wanted to have sex. Attending college was the best thing that happened to him. He became at least a little more outgoing and independent. Being a virgin, his built-up sexual tension was ready for release. However, he didn’t have the slightest idea on how to even really talk to a girl, much less ask for sex.

One of his friends suggested that he try hiring an escort. He thought about it and decided to start with an escort, since rejection would not be an issue he would face with one. He searched many online escort agencies for cheap escorts in London, but all of them had rates he couldn’t afford. Given that he was determined to have the first sex experience, he decided to go out and find a street escort instead.

He went out looking and found a cute and curvy escort and took her to a nearby motel. He was enthusiastic that his first-time experience would be fantastic because she surely had lots of things she could teach him. When they met on the street, the escort was very friendly and convinced him that she would give the best to make him enjoy. She asked for money first, and after paying, the escort removed her dress and panty and asked him to remove his clothes.

After removing his pants, the escort massaged his penis for a while until it erected. Then she proceeded to give him a blowjob, at which point he was already about to explode. She helped him to put on a condom. She laid on the bed in a missionary position, and he inserted his penis into her vagina.
The escort closed her eyes and spread her legs wide so he could get in deep. After few minutes, the guy was only thinking about the penetration and reached climaxed. When the escort realized he had cum, she ordered him to get up. The sex was over, and the escort was ready to go back to the street for more clients. He understood that her time was money, thanked her for her services, and said goodbye to the sexy street escort.