Kissing by chance

I must confess that I did not actually indicate to French kiss my buddy but it kind of simply happened. In numerous means I can not recognize what the big deal is as we both appear to have enjoyed the kiss. Probably working for London companions of have actually made me a bit too open minded concerning these things however I can not state that I believe it is a poor idea to kiss girls. Like my sweethearts at London companions say, it was not like I was attempting to have sex with her or anything like that. I in fact think my friend has gone a little bit over the top and now she is rejecting to speak with me.

We have actually been pals for such a long time, as well as she is among my few youth close friends who knows that I work for I am sure that she will ultimately occur yet I do feel dismayed that points have actually gone so wrong. Currently I seem to be sending her text message after text but she is declining to talk with me. Without chatting we can not arrange anything out as well as I assume that is truly starting to get to me. Last evening when I did the night shift at London companions, I might only consider my friend.

I am not even certain why I French kissed her. She was a bit down in the dumps and also we were having a girlie cuddle on the couch. Suddenly I just kissed and also all of it headed out of hand extremely rapidly. We are constantly extremely open with each other and also do kiss on the cheek a great deal. Like I said to my friends at, this is the type of woman that you can hold hands with and also be close with when you are enjoying a movie. A few of the women at believe that her reaction is a little unusual.

Could it be that my friend is bisexual? Like I stated to among my closest friends at, I have actually never ever known her to have a guy for very long. There is absolutely nothing incorrect with being bisexual, however probably my friend just does not want to admit to that she has that sort of feelings for me. A lot of the girls at are bisexual as well as I don’t have a trouble keeping that in all. It is not a big deal for me as well as if she is bisexual, I would certainly be comfortable with her being bisexual.

I assume that we are all a little bit confused about our sexualities at times. Things is that we are revealed to so much sexual product daily. Lots of individuals seem to be keen on labeling themselves as either bisexual, homosexual or straight. Do we actually require to place a label on our sexuality? I am uncertain that we do as well as I think that we might be making things tough on ourselves. Working for have made me so much more open minded and also I assume that is an advantage. Perhaps my friend is not so comfy with her sexuality as she assumes she is.

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