I can trust my London escort even if we are in a long distance relationship



Not all relationships are perfect, there is always wrong with it. Many couples have a hard time maintaining the connection especially if they are long distance. There are lots of couples who proved that long distance does not work. There is always that one person who is left with pain and heartaches because of the love that is forgotten of time. It is not easy to wait for someone who doesn’t have a plan of coming back. There are many reasons why couples break maybe because the foundation of their relationship is still weak, that is why it is easy to collapse. I have lots of friends who undergo the same dilemma; long distance relationship sucks according to them since it doesn’t last long. I can’t relate to them since I have no idea of what’s having a relationship is, for me I am so focus for my career since it is progressing. I don’t want to waste this time because I believe that there is always a right timing in everything. I don’t want to rush of love, just like what the songs says “wise man says only fools rush in” maybe this is true, because when you find the person that is for you, it is always worth it. I don’t want to be called cool or play boy just because I have lots of girls on life. It doesn’t make a man cool; a real man knows when it’s time to moves and for a one girl. Though I got lots of teasing, at least I am not like of them who got a headache of wrong woman or pain because of break ups. I want to enjoy my life as for now, but if I find the woman for me, I don’t want to stop myself. It is so happened that during my 28th birthday, very timely I was on London for a very important business meeting. The meeting is done quickly so I have lots of time to use. I heard about Cheap London escorts, it won’t be bad if I book a London escorts since it’s my birthday and don’t want to be alone until night being bored. I book Jessica; she is a London escort for many years, of course given that she is awesomely beautiful. I am so happy being with her; she is funny and has sense of humour. She tours me around the place, and when she knew that it’s my birthday, she treated me without a doubt. I find her very interesting. She works so hard to help her family, I like that she is responsible in life. That day was great, celebrating my birthday with a London escorts is unforgettable. I have kept the communication with her, we become a couple three months after. Through the years, our relationship just gets so strong, because I can trust my London escort .

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